An audit is an extremely valuable tool in getting a snapshot of the health and safety practices in a workplace.  It’s an independent look into your current system; evaluating compliance, opportunities for improvement and how your employees operate.


The best way to understand a business is to get on-site and see it with a fresh pair of eyes. We often identify hazards that have been overlooked or find risks that require further attention. 


A health and safety audit includes:

  • Health and Safety Policy documentation

  • Previous audits

  • Risk assessments

  • Worker Participation and Engagement methods

  • Accident/Incident Procedures/ Reports/ Investigations

  • Emergency Preparations- specifically approved fire evacuation schemes

  • Hazardous substances

  • Contractor management

  • Test & Tag Certifications

  • Induction and Training Records


You will receive a report with specific recommendations, and in-turn will know where our services are required within your business.  An audit can be used as a measurable tool so, through the repetition of this same checklist, your improvement is tracked!