A building owner must ensure their building complies with the Fire and Emergency New Zealand Act 2017 and the Fire and Emergency New Zealand Regulations 2018.


If you are a landlord, your tenants may have established an emergency evacuation procedure but the legal responsibility lies with you to ensure this meets Fire and Emergency NZ’s standards. Any building with the following stipulations must have a formalised scheme approved:


  1. Buildings where 100 or more people can gather together.

  2. Buildings where 10 or more people work.

  3. Buildings where 6 or more people sleep, unless there are 3 or fewer households.

  4. Buildings storing certain levels of hazardous substances.

  5. Buildings used for early childhood, medical, and disabled care services, unless the building is a normal home.

The application for an approved scheme can be tricky to navigate as you require specific knowledge around your in-house fire protection systems, hazardous substances, occupancies, places of safety, equipment and signage.


Safe Consulting can guide you through the process, we know where to find all necessary information and will work collaboratively between both landlord and tenant. Our services involve creating a training document which will be presented to building users to ensure their understanding of emergency evacuation.